Sabtu, 16 Januari 2021 16:00


Buy Your Next Car with Data

In the future, the data about a thing might be more valuable than the thing itself. This future may be closer than people realize. This is the premise for the new book The Zero Dollar Car, from author, TEDx speaker and global technology expert, John Ellis. The Zero Dollar Car explores how data collection and smart technologies are changing consumers’ lives and how big data will dramatically change the world we live in. Published by Barlow Books, The Zero Dollar Car is available now on Amazon in the US and Canada. The book hits US bookshelves on November 10.

New SugarCRM Brings New Modern and Sleek Interface

SugarCRM Inc, the company that helps organizations build better business relationships, announced today a visually transformed version of its platform that takes CRM out of the legacy world of clunky enterprise software. As part of the company's Winter '18 release of Sugar Cloud, the new interface will give Sugar users an improved experience that mirrors the rest of their digital lives. The new design continues the company's industry-leading commitment to innovation.

Macola Releases New ERP for SME

Macola Software, a global frontrunner in business software for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), today unveiled Macola 10.6, the newest release of its leading ERP and business software.

Womply Unveils Womply Engage CRM for Small Business

Womply, the leader in front office software for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), today launched Womply Engage, a cloud-based software platform for small businesses that helps small businesses keep track of their customers and build engagement automatically.

Sonobi Challenges Google-Facebook Domination on People-Based ID

Sonobi unveile its people-based identifier (PBID) and opened the industry's largest addressable marketplace to public beta for all advertisers and agency partners. The cross-CRM solution for reaching individuals on comScore rated publishers has been operating in closed beta for twelve months with clients and partners including CBS Interactive, Time Inc, Merkle, and Liveramp. Announced at the annual Sonobi Equilibrium Summit, the new people-based identifier solves for addressability, scale, and supply chain transparency outside of the walled gardens.

Lead411 and PersistIQ Offer Premier Data and Sales Engagement Solution

Marketing and Sales teams in the mid-market face daunting solution integration problems and a confusing number of choices. From CRM to email marketing, deploying an easy-to-use, high-quality solution has required custom integrations and endless support for updates. Nowhere has this been more painful than as it relates to access to high quality, well vetted data available directly inside an elegant and simple automated sales system. Lead411 & PersistIQ will integrate their market-leading solutions in Lead Intelligence & Sales Engagement to finally give customers a solution that will increase conversions and require no down time.