Sonobi Challenges Google-Facebook Domination on People-Based ID

Sonobi unveile its people-based identifier (PBID) and opened the industry's largest addressable marketplace to public beta for all advertisers and agency partners. The cross-CRM solution for reaching individuals on comScore rated publishers has been operating in closed beta for twelve months with clients and partners including CBS Interactive, Time Inc, Merkle, and Liveramp. Announced at the annual Sonobi Equilibrium Summit, the new people-based identifier solves for addressability, scale, and supply chain transparency outside of the walled gardens.

To further fortify its leadership in people based advertising, Sonobi has brought on new Chief Revenue Officer, Vikram Kathuria. In the CRO role, he will be responsible for expanding the revenue team globally, developing go-to-market strategy, and driving adoption of Sonobi's solutions throughout the digital ecosystem.

People-Based Identifier

Sonobi's newly open premium addressable marketplace - powered by the people-based identifier (PBID) - provides Fortune 500 brands and their agencies the scalable alternative to walled gardens. The people-based identifier (PBID) brings together first-party data from publishers along with buy-side CRMs to solve for identity across screens and environments. The system updates its identity information of over 150 billion points of deterministic data monthly, in order to preserve relevance and drive greater scale to addressable media. Advertisers can now reach up to 225 million people across premium publications, with the control to run only on the publishers of their choice, and the ability to meet reach and frequency goals in brand-safe environments.

''Until now, Google and Facebook have been the only people-based options for advertisers to reach large audiences across cookie-less environments. At Sonobi, we've developed an approach that provides tremendous scale across premium comScore ranked properties without the restrictions of walled gardens. Unlike their solutions or silo'd identifiers from third party data solutions, Sonobi's people-based identifier (PBID) incorporates multiple identity approaches into a single ID that is compatible with any brand or agency data partner,'' said Michael Connolly, CEO, Sonobi.

''Sonobi's solutions bring integrity back to digital advertising, giving control back to advertisers while supporting vital editorial content from the most credible and trusted publishers. Opening our people-based identifier (PBID) to public beta helps move towards a cleaner ecosystem for advertisers and publishers. I'm excited to help bring transparency to the supply chain and empower advertisers to get the best from their digital spend. When digital works, it can deliver the impact of brand advertising and the results of direct marketing,'' said Kathuria.

Previously Global Head, Business Development and Agency Partnerships at Oracle Marketing Cloud, Kathuria brings decades of agency leadership experience from roles as Global Chief Media Officer at Publicis' Razorfish and Global Head of Digital Investment at Mediacom.

''Our focus for several years has been to unlock the true value of the comScore 250 by providing addressability, efficiency, and scale. With a majority of the premium Publishers integrated, and a very quickly growing universal ID space, we needed a strong leader to bring our innovation to the demand side. Vikram Kathuria has the right experience and a passion for new technology. He will be making an ecosystem impact in 2018,'' said Connolly.

Sonobi People-Based ID (PBID) is now available in open beta through the Sonobi JetStream Marketplace, and is currently compatible with most major programmatic buying platforms, as well as Merkle and Liveramp. Additional integrations will be announced in coming months.

About Sonobi

Sonobi,, is an independent technology company that builds innovative people-based solutions, bringing greater addressability, context, efficiency, voice, and scale to the business of advertising. Sonobi helps strategic partners forecast new market opportunities and enhance value delivery to clients, and create more profitable businesses through the integration of progressive data procurement and user-centric sales management technologies.

Sonobi's JetStream technology is transforming the business of traditional impression-based advertising, unifying comScore 250 premium publishers and Fortune 500 advertisers to collaborate, create, and deliver more effective communication plans, upfront and guaranteed, for the people that matter most -- consumers.